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Lesley Mootseng

Tour Guide

Lesley never planned on becoming a guide. After finishing school in Namibia, he lived in Germany for ten years where he trained and worked as a male nurse. When he returned to Namibia, he fell in love with guiding and says he “still loves it like the first day”. He loves everything about his job, from spending time with his guests to solving problems while on tour. He is also a passionate driver. Lesley proudly says of himself that he “always gives 100%”, and he is especially good with families. What he thinks makes Namibia special are the wide, open spaces and that you can “hear the silence”. He is also fascinated by the country’s many contrasts in terms of landscape, culture and climate. He hopes that his guests understand nature better after being on tour with him, so that they can fact-check what Discovery channel says about Namibia.

Lesley speaks German, English, Afrikaans.