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Through the lens of locals: discover Cape Town on a photo tour

One photo taken with your phone, one taken with your camera, one as selfie, one with your boyfriend and another one, just to be safe – if you travel to Cape Town, in all probability you will return home with thousands of photos on maxed out memory cards.

A blurry shot of Table Mountain is not going to make it to your lounge wall of fame though. If you neither know how to take the perfect shot of our beloved mountain nor have the equipment to do so, no worries, we got you covered: join Liza and her team at Cape Town Photo Tours on a tour around Cape Town and the peninsula.

Table Mountain and Devli's Peak in the clouds with grass blowing in the wind

Your Guide will fetch you and your friends at your accommodation and take you to the most photogenic spots around the Cape – and mind you, there are quite a few. On the go, you will not only learn how to capture the scenery, but also learn about the history that’s behind it.

This way, you will experience the most beautiful city in the world taking photos home with you as vivid as your freshest memories.

Who will enjoy the photo tour?

Everyone is welcome on this photo tour. “I had guests on tour who didn’t even know how to switch on the camera”, Liza says. She is the Head Guide at Cape Town Photo Tours. “The next day on the other hand, I was on the road with a group of professional photographers.” However, young children might not enjoy the tour as much while Mum kneels down in the mud for the fifth time, taking “just one more picture of these pretty clouds.”

You don’t even need to bring your own camera. The team will provide you with a DSLR for the day. You can keep the memory card with all pictures you have taken during the day, of course.

What will I learn during this day?

If you have your own camera which you’ve only ever dared to use in auto mode, bring it along and after one day with Liza and her team, you will never shoot in auto again. You will learn which settings to use to make sure the flower is in focus, not the grass in the background. “Get to know your camera, understand how it works”, advises Liza and helps her guests do just that. “Many guests who didn’t have a clue in the morning, had a really good understanding of the basics of photography at the end of the day.”

As a professional photographer, you have a great opportunity to exchange ideas and discover new scenery and secret spots. You will be out and about with locals: your guide lives in Cape Town, knows the hidden gems and will show you the city from a new perspective.

Where are we headed?

The tried and tested routes of Cape Town Photo Tours will take you to all iconic Cape Town highlights: to Signal Hill with its view of Table Mountain and the city bowl, to the colourful houses of the Bo Kaap, to the Twelve Apostles in Camps Bay, across the peninsula passing Kalk Bay and to the penguins in Simon’s Town before reaching the Cape of Good Hope.

The great thing: since it’s a private tour, you can change the routes to your personal preferences and discuss with your guide in advance where to go and what to see. “We are flexible and don’t mind doing a detour – who knows what’s waiting to be captured around the next corner”, explains Liza. “We just stick to a few rules: we always drive against traffic which congests the roads in and out of Cape Town during peak hours. Instead of taking photos in traffic, we follow the light.” So you start the “Chase the Sun Peninsula Tour” at morning light in Muizenberg and arrive at Chapman’s Peak for panoramic views of Hout Bay at sunset.

If you want to see Cape Town through the lens of locals, discovering the most beautiful city in the world alongside a professional photographer, just get in touch with us!

A fishing boat in Hout Bay, South Africa

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