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Doing The Right Thing

Taking responsibility starts at home

To us, corporate social responsibility is not only about how much money we donate or how many local projects we support. It’s about doing the right thing, every day in everything we do. Making sure our mountain crews have the right equipment for their high-risk job, paying our suppliers on time, choosing local manufacturers whenever possible and treating our support staff with the same respect as our directors is just the beginning.

We firmly believe that everyone in our communities contributing to tourism and travel operations should benefit from the positive outcomes. As tour operator, we don’t work in isolation, but hand in hand with our local communities. A company’s success is directly linked to the success of those around it, and at Africa-Experience, we value and promote these relationships.

We believe in…

…a region’s economic and social development through tourism. Because tourism done right has the power to transform communities.

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We’re in it for the long run, we think sustainably. This means we won’t pack our bags and run at the first sight of problems. We bring long-term investment to our countries of operation, create jobs and thus contribute to their positive development.

- Our Founder Henning on our business principles
A waiter with a green hoodie on the Barranco Campsite on Kilimanjaro, pours hot water into washing bowls on the ground

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Refusing the plastic nightmare
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Regular Staff Training

Investing in our team’s skills and knowledge
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Promoting our local economy

Buying local whenever we can
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Spreading the Word

Educating our guests about conservation issues
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The portrait of a Namibian woman, head and shoulders covered in colourful shawls, looking at the camera
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